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Design & Build

There are many reasons for wanting to expand your living space. New family members can call for an additional bedroom, while some of our clients simply want to maximize their home’s aesthetic potential. We make sure to pay attention to every detail, not just the big picture. It is important to us that your new home addition adheres closely to the vision you had before starting the project.

Adding an addition to your home can be a stressful process due to the close proximity of construction. We make sure to be as considerate as possible to our client’s needs during the home addition project. During the beginning of the project, you can establish what time-frames you want as a reprieve from construction activities.

When adding an extra room to your home, we try not to break down the wall separating your addition from your home’s existing structure until it becomes absolutely necessary. This practice helps protect your home from air-borne sawdust and drywall particles for as long as possible. Once the wall has been removed, we take all precautions to prevent unwanted dust from wandering into other areas of your home.

Our Projects

Interior Remodel Glenview 2020

Kitchen Remodel Lake Forest 2015

Exterior Renovation Lake Forest 2016

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