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Who We Are

Repeat Business Is The Highest Form Of Flattery

Owner, Bob Salm has been in the building business since April 1984. Began working first as a field superintendent, then later as an estimator for a local custom builder. He broke ground on his very first home (it happened to be for himself) in the summer of 1985. It was a 1,800 square foot brick colonial in Lake Forest, Illinois. It was the first of over 100 new homes that he has built in the Lake Forest community.

In February 1991, Bob began a business partnership after reacquainting with an old high school friend, where they started a company called Distinctive Custom Homes, Inc.

Although they primarily focused on custom home building, they later developed a passion for renovations and remodeling projects which often involved room additions.

During the course of the 25-year partnership, they built multiple homes for the same clients, for the siblings of clients, the children of clients and even built homes for other custom home builders!

In November 2014, Bob Salm established Cotswold Builders, LLC.

Bob thoroughly enjoys the daily, one-on-one interactions he shares with his customers. He appreciates the opportunities to participate in the design and selection process and lends the knowledge he has gained in his 35 years in the custom home industry. From the moment Bob first arrives on-site, he looks ahead to trading ideas, sharing budgets and goals and agreeing on a plan moving forward.

The first objective is to establish a realistic preliminary cost estimate. Oftentimes within days of an initial meeting, thereby helping my clients to comfortably decide the feasibility of proceeding without worry.

As an added benefit, he partners with the area’s most talented architects and designers, if needed and oversee the progressions to make sure designs are smart, cost-effective and remain consistent with the homeowner’s budget.

“My greatest pleasure is orchestrating through the challenges and uniqueness of each and every project while enjoying firsthand witness to dreams coming true.​”
– Bob Salm, Owner

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